Thursday, June 16, 2016

Backups of Configuration in API Connect / Management

Backups of Configuration in API Connect / Management

Every Client who uses API Management / Connect plans to take a regular backup of the configuration. The following is a procedure to take backups using CLI commands.


  1. Log in to the CLI for the Management server through a Secure Shell (SSH). For information on logging into, and using the CLI, see The Command Line Interface.
  2. To create a backup of an API Management configuration and user data, and store the file on an FTP server, you can use either FTP or SFTP.
    For FTP, enter the following command:
    config save apiconfig ftp  <host> [port <portnumber>] [user <username>] [file <filename>]
    For SFTP, enter the following command:
    config save apiconfig sftp  <host> [port <portnumber>] user <username> [file <filename>]
    • host - the name of the host where FTP is running and where the backup configuration file is stored.
    • port - the port number that you are accessing.
    • user - the user name that is used to log in to FTP.
    • file - the absolute path or relative path to the stored file on the FTP server.
    Restriction: When you use SFTP, you must specify a user name. Anonymous logins are not allowed with SFTP.
    To view the CLI help about the config commands, enter config help.
  3. Make a note of the user ID or password of your Management servers at the time of the backups.
    If you change your credentials in the future, you must know the correct login details when you restore the configuration. You might have to update the servers by using the API Management cloud console. Otherwise, the cloud console cannot communicate with the servers.

Note: If you are aiming at having a scheduled backup option in API Connect which takes a regular backups , as of today, there is no such option available. The only way is to use the above commands and developing scripts / cron jobs to work for your. Also, kindly note to insert the credentials into the scripts