Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Nikki's Dream

Nikki's Dream. How she plans to achieve

----- Dream big., Its only 1 lyf U have

A Sunday afternoon preparing for her 1st semester exams on her bed . It's English subject and she is trying to get over it.... after getting some munching and trying to get back onto the revision, says to  herself, NO more junk food. I should get down. Reads for sometime about Sachin through a chapter and continued to read through his biography, interesting such an young age and how well he was inspired. Slowly this reading turned    her thoughts towards inspiration and her dreams. Ahha finally into her day dreams, she started to fly into the dreamland thoughts on how she was brought up, her schooling, a dad's kid, how she is a pampered girl, a princess who got what she desired  even before she expressed and now, how she is very excited about getting her new notebook,  dad had ordered from the states. 

Running through all these thoughts, she swam into the dreamland and wishing how she wants to be in the next 10years starting now. She thought hmm, I wanted to be a what after finishing my btech? A software engineer,  a govt job, maybe IAS...great can't I dream a little bigger than the usual big? Yeaaa of course,   I should have a 2 storey building parked with 3 cars (each costing not less than 2cr inr, aah that will be a common price by 2024), the roof of my villa is reserved for a pool and a private tea space, greenary surrounded my villa. 

Everything I have in my home should be branded and only top brands get to steal the space  in my home. As the saying goes "great roles comes with great responsibilities, similarly,  "I say great status comes with greatest brands that you go with" And now to achieve my vision 2024, will being a software engineer or civils would help me? I dare to answer No. Then how, what are the other careers available?  I know, i should be a CEO, yes, a CEO of my own firm. Wohooo!! Entrepreneur.  Good to lock my role, but how and where can I get more details,  obviously I donot want to study any further. Studies are so boring , I wonder who had created exams.

God!!!! 5pm already :-0 . I am just done with two chapters,  now Mr. M Jackson's life, good god only 2 pages, umm less of life, he enjoyed when compared to Sachin and Kalaam, both had a biography of 6 pages each. My life will not be just so less, I covered many movies and places, the list itself should take 14pages.  For the company, what technology should I go, what ideas could we think of?  Software, fashion , food. Watelse, lets watch tv for 5mins. Scrolling different channels,  stumbled upon devotional channel, an old saint is answering questions to young audience.  Something curious struck my mind. Quickly got my mobile, enabled wi-fi, started to google with his name. Wohoaa, what a man he is, sacrificed his youth,  travel led to all temples by foot, guru for meditation,  respects his teacher. 

Lot many good qualities for this century guy. But what interests me more are his trips abroad, invites he received to talk in big big universities,  to give away awards and blessings on important occasions. Careerwise, i'm loving it. Yea, how would it be if I become a a a Mathaaji, I'am now going to be a Maatha, a women with Power. Power comes in here so easily, lot of followers, gifts, VVIP status and what not, I have to sacrifice few but once, I get all I need, will calmly miss and jump. 

Plan to become a saint is my next task. 1yr of calm and no social life, visit temples, revise my bagwat geeta lessons I had learned and after one year will go to a small temple , start speaking an hr daily. Aim to deliver 12 - 14hrs of talks.  Within 2nd year , I should target few temples and local schools.

From Student to Saint... The Journey follows :-) 

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