Friday, November 08, 2013

Construction a House in Hyderabad a Step by Step Guide

                                      Sometime in Jan 2013, I was fed up of searching for Apartments , Plots to Invest and then one day we decided to demolish our present residence and construct here itself. Recently, in Oct 2011 the GO s changed and so there are lot of changes which I came to know when applying for the Building Approval Plan @ Moosapet Municipal Office.

Here goes the steps you follow:

1. Building Plan Approval
Things Needed: Construction Plan approved by a Authorized Civil Engineer/Architect
                         DD for the respective Amount &
                         Get ready to Bribe Ofcourse

You would also start your search for a building contractor (If you would like to give it completely to a contractor) or a Mason Contractor ( You would be supplying material and also you take responsibility of Electrician , Plumber)

2. Demolition of existing house if any
      Dont get into a Hurry and demolish as soon as you submit your application for the building construction approval. Since you never know it might even take months for the approval to be given. So until then, you might want to extend your rentals or any other happenings that are taking place in the premises. This is a caution.
     Sometimes, even the loans that you are trying for might also get delayed or the financial adjustments before you actually jump into the construction.

       So kindly make your financial calculations, basic architectural plans and building approvals ready before you go ahead with demolition

3. Borewell
      It is now an essential for water and the borewell. There are mandatory rules where in you need to get permission to get the borewell work done. Sometimes the Borewell guy will take care of this. You need to check with them about the same. Check about the different pipes, rate slabs on different depths before you go ahead.

4. Now that you are ready with water, building approvals, and ofcourse an empty and plain land right now. You will get to visualize the space and borders well. Now is the time, you get your mason contractor to lay the boundaries and mark them before they kickstart of the works. ( I chose Mason contract)

More to go....