Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A day @ Ramoji Film City

Attendees : Saideep, Vyshnavi

     After searching in various ways on what places to visit and spend our long weekend during Eid, we finally decided to book a package "Monsoon Masti -Stay" @ RFC on 17th Aug. After couple of calls with the marketing staff, I could get to a stage where I was told that there are rooms vacant for the asked dates (18th Aug - 20th Aug) and he promised to message me the reservation number by end of day. After waiting till evening 8pm, I called him back to which there was no response. Hence, decided to directly visit the place and see how it goes.

    Next day, we started around 8:30 AM and reached RFC (Exactly 46kms from our residence) at 9:45AM. With long weekend, there was hardly any traffic on the Hyderabad roads. Upon inquiring about the available day-tour packages, I have opted for the Monsoon-Masti day package costing 1750/- INR per Person which included A/C coach travels, welcome drink, snacks, lunch and dinner buffets. The Tour and shows remained the same with the normal package. An additional show during the dinner and few games before the dinner were added into this special package.

The first place he dropped us was near Eureka where we were given two complementary rides : Break dance and the Ranger.

      Post the Eureka, we walked around the Wild West, Cinema-Cinema, Filmi zone, Movie Magic show and the Ramoji Tower ( where you get to experience an earth quake and it is good). 


     We experienced a show which explains you what happens actually behind the scenes, there was this lady who volunteered to enact a scene as Basanthi (role) from Sholay movie. Later this scene was displayed with it pre-production, production and post-production editing. This experience was awesome. 
     By the time we have gone through the above it was 12Noon. As soon as we came out of the movie magic where we could see the film styles from 14 different countries, we were welcomed with a salsa dance by a team. 

Later around 12:40PM, we were guided to SuperStar Restaurant where lunch buffet and amicable staff was waiting for us. Food was delicious and worth the amount spent. 

     After the lunch session, We were welcomed by a guide in the coach.. This started our touring around the different parks and sets that were there in the Film city. There are many parks which are replicas of the monuments and public places, streets in India and across the globe. I got to visit the Taj, Gateway of India from Mumbai, Busy Princess street from London ;) all in one place.

     What was more interesting was the elevations that were brought in a single construction. We have seen a Church, Airport, Library and one another elevation, yes of-course in one building with four front and nothing inside :-). By this time post -lunch we were thinking what else is there to watch and how would our time in here (approximately 5.30hrs to spend) will go, but the later shows and places occupied our complete time and ensured we are busy with no time to be idle..

     The above is a picture from one of the actual sets that is opened to visitors since couple of years.

     The following is the Railway stn. where every hero/heroin enters from a city and reaches villages/cities 1000s of kms far away in no time .....

     After all the touring of the parks, caves, sets, kids-zone and must visit places, we were dropped at the Alampana theater where we watched a wonderful show of dances and entertaining shows.  By this time, it was already time for snacks ( we had @ Dil-se restaurant). 

    The stunt show that we have attended at 5pm was awesome. The team really performed very well with humor touch and the real fight sequences. At 5:30, the official closing event for the day was done and we were at the Eureka by 6pm to head towards the special programs and dinner planned for the special package teams.

    The dinner was planned opp. to Tara Hotel in a garden with beautiful greenery, fountains and light decorations. Here, the host accommodated us with games and bday/anniversary greetings to the visitors for a n hour before which the dinner and the live show started.

            It was 8:10PM we started back towards the main entrance of RFC, fearing the traffic, I had to quit the on-going show and start early. We reached our home by 10:30 PM including a stop @ Cream & Fudge on the way home.

All together, it was a good day, with pleasant staff and yes, with the feedback regarding the package reservation that I updated in one of the feedback forms, there was an immediate Apology letter in my mail box with-in 24hrs from the Hotel staff head where I planned to stay. I appreciate their immediate response and concerns addressing to my feedback.

Atlast, I have to thank one Mr. Rama Krishna who also visited with his family and helped us capturing our pictures whenever we needed one combined pic :-) . 


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