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Mysore Trip with 3.2 MP cam ( idhi pedda bokka guru)

20th June 6:45AM

Myself and Srikanth (Fren/My roomate/Jr @ MSIT) started off to Ghajini's (Sandeep) place where Sandeep and Sunil Satti were waiting along with cab eagerly for us. Srikanth as usual was busy with his work @ office last nite and returned home only at 12:30am and myself usually waiting for him, was watching movies till he came.
   Ok!! Back to the trip. we reached his place at around 7:15 and we finally started off at around 7:30 am
<---  On the way to Sandeep's place .. Covered with greenary
At about 50 kms from Bangalore you have Kamat Hotel which is famous for its good taste, which obviously was filled with rush and we had to proceed further to a restaurant and have our break fast. Finally, we reached Srirangapatna around 11:00 am.

The Ranganatha Temple is a famous temple. Apart from the temple,  there is this 
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary about 5kms from Srirangapatna and believe me, it is an awesome place, where you get to watch birds all over from Syberia, Russia, Australia, Japan and many other places and these birds fly all the way to this place and stay here for 6months till September and fly back to their respective places. 
There for the boating to watch Crocodiles ( which I forgot to mention along with birds ;) ) and birds, each person is charged 25 Rs, or else if you would like to have a boat special trip it costs you 250/- and we went with this. One hour of wonder, it was like we are in a new island away from the computer world to greenary all over and beautiful birds and crocodiles as well, sleeping and swimming all around. 
The best time to visit and go boating is in the early hours of morning before its too hot, and spare your evening for Brindavan Gardens at Mysore. 

Little about the Bird Sanctuary: (collected) 
The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is located about 5 km away from Srirangapatna. It is spread in an 57 acres area. The sanctuary is a small island on the banks of river Kaveri. It is a place of interest to all bird lovers.
The sanctuary is a nesting and breeding center for all kinds of birds. One can see species like the herons, egrets, white ibis. Also little cormorants, dantes, open billed stork etc. are also some of the birds that can be seen in island when one takes a round by a boat.The best time of visit to the island is from June to October.

After enjoying the nature at the Bird Sanctuary, we drove to Chamundi hills., Where Goddess Chamudeswari killed Mahishasura, the king of Mysore ( Mysore came from the king name). After the darshan, while coming to Mysore we came across with Karnataka Police (nijamga police aa kadaa ani doubt) with speed sensors raping the commutators with money for over speeding by 1KM, 2KM...... and documents.. ( now i came to know why people here follow traffic rules). Unfortunately, we were made to wait for about 20 min.  for not having a insurance document. Atlast after serious phone calls to the travel owner and cold discussions with police we were freeed with 100/-  into the account of karnataka police :) its not a bribe, we were give a duplicate  token of receipt for the fee.
By now our sunil was dying of hunger, once we came back to Mysore city, we searched for hotels to have lunch., According to our Source Mr. Satti Sunil, Hotel RRR is pretty famous at Mysore and we on finding it filled with heavy rush after Kamat and have time constraints, we left to Mysore Palace directly.
Being a first visit to Mysore for 3 of us except Satti, I personally had great expectations for the palace and couldn't wait any longer to visit. But, after having a visit, I would only rate 2-2.5 on a scale of  5 to the Palace. Infact the Palace is being well maintained by the Govt. of Karnataka, but the designs and the architechture was not upto the mark when compared to the Nizams., Also, once you exit out of the palace, you are redirected to another building which is in the back side of the palace ( ppl call it as 2nd palace which is not listed anywhere) and where you will have to again buy a ticket for 25/- which goes not to the Govt. pocket, but to the Mysore Maharaja's family. Unfortunately, the items showcased in this are not well maintained. 
Apart from Mysore Palace, there is also Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysore which is good, but turned into a 5-star Hotel now (we didnt visit this place). 
After the Palace, we had our lunch @ Pizza Corner ( heavy bill as usual, ok ok kinda stuff) . It was about 6pm by the time we finished our lunch (It may not be lunch but we called it as lunch ) and then we headed to the Last awaiting Brindavan Gardens.
I never expected Brindavan Gardens to be so cool, It is a beautiful place to spend time in the garden with all the fountains. It is completely filled with rush on weekends (more than the palace). Nice time to visit is the evenings. They say about the Musical Fountain which is not very interesting, but the lighting of the garden is very good. 
We stayed at the garden for hardly one hour and returned. In the night and car failed with the head lamps (thanks to the Cab driver for safe journey who blessed me to write this blog), we halted @ Kamat (hope you remember we missed the breakfast here ;) ) for a lite dinner (which was good, North Karnataka style) and reached Bangalore by 11:30 pm
Last words,
Four Persons with 1000/- each enjoyed the trip with comfort and good timings (if u can spare and skip pizza corner kinda hotel, you will cover the expenses around 800/-).. Saturday went off with the travel and sunday.. huh!!! sleep till 10:am , Breakfast @ 12... sleep sleep.. 
An awesome trip organized and accounted by our Ghajini (sandeep) :D ... We had a great and wonderful time last weekend. 
Officially Decided and anounced on returning to Bangalore that Ghajini will be our Tour Organizer/Accountant in Bangalore ;)
Thats it about Mysore... Be back with another exciting trip soon (Bandhipur Forests hopefully)..
Note: The above photo's were not captured by our a/c managers 3.2MP CAM


Saideep :)

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